A fast-growing sector

The defence industry, with its close links to sovereignty, demands technological excellence to give it the means to complete its missions, ensure the security and safety of its citizens and guarantee stability.

In this sector, technological excellence reigns supreme. Novium meets the challenges posed by its clients, who require equipment whose operational ease of use is matched by its high performance. Novium applies its special expertise to constantly find innovative solutions that are highly reliable.

High stakes

Novium is aware of the daily issues and the long-term challenges faced by men and equipment on operational deployment, and is committed to delivering and maintaining reliable, scalable, ergonomic and secure solutions that are suited to use in extreme conditions.


Novium rigorously selects the technologies and suppliers it uses to ensure that its solutions provide operational reliability from the design stage.

In-service support

Novium equipment is designed to optimise work time and simplify operational maintenance from the concept study stages.


Thanks to our permanent monitoring of technological developments, Novium provides solutions for open-ended plant, equipment and process that maximise their optimum service life.

Extreme conditions

By selecting materials based on their intrinsic attributes and specific protective features, Novium is able to tackle the challenge of providing reliable and available equipment for any environment, including the most extreme.

Safety and Protection

By working from in-depth risk analyses, Novium incorporates the highest standards of personal and equipment protection and safety.


Novium integrates ergonomic factors from the pre-project phases in order to simplify equipment use for operators and to maintain its operational readiness.

Extreme conditions and Hostile environments


Performance and ongoing improvement

To reach perfect synergy with our partners, Novium seeks to constantly improve the performance, cost and in-service support capacities of its systems. Our cross-disciplinary teams make Novium a powerful force for innovation and new ideas.

Through our expertise in configurations management, Novium is able to provide year-on-year support to clients, anticipating changing demands and obsolescence.


Areas of expertise

By drawing on its history and its teams, Novium is able to apply its specialised expertise in hydraulics, electrics, automated systems, maintenance and retrofits. This range of additional skillsets gives us the ability to propose plant and machines that closely match defence and maritime defence requirements.
As a member of the GICAT and GICAN specialist clusters for land/air defence and security and naval construction respectively, Novium works in contact with the main companies in these markets to provide answers to the major challenges and main demands in the sector.

  • Appraisal, design, simulation and development of bespoke products: hydraulic units (HPU, APU), function blocks, actuators, cylinders, drive units
  • Sub-assembly qualification with our cycle and endurance test benches
  • Design, supply and assembly of tailor-made rigid pipes and hose pipes, prototyping and medium-batch runs
  • Design, development of instrumentation and controls
  • Automated systems, computer, programming
  • Component diagnostics
  • In-situ and in-shop hydraulic and mechanical services
  • Fluid treatment and decontamination
  • Filtration, drainage, filling unit
  • Pump and engine output
  • Fluid analysis
  • Particulate and aqueous filtration
  • Hatch operating system
  • Hydraulic units (HPU, ADU)
  • Lifting systems
  • Breakdown and start-up services in-situ in France and abroad
  • Appraisal and consultancy

Compliance with confidentiality and security issues


Dedicated infrastructure

Novium is supporting this growth through investment in new systems-oriented infrastructures for the defence market.
Novium has begun building a workshop with accompanying office space. These new, sector-specific buildings are specced in accordance with security requirements, featuring controlled access, confidentiality measures and secure data.


Special-purpose facilities

With its specific resources, and fitted with special test benches and made-to-measure acquisition systems, this production zone is tooled to build and test our clients’ electrohydraulic equipment.

This setup allows Novium to fast-track new-product qualifications and increase the number of services and solutions it can offer to clients.

Our portfolio

Discover a selection of achievements allowing you to understand the extent of our skills and know-how in the rail sector, with innovative solutions for designing small equipment and heavy machinery.

Full equipment refits

Mechanical, hydraulic and control builds for crash cranes and shipboard handling cranes.

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Hydraulic function blocks on armoured vehicles

Design and supply of prototypes and series production of operating units for hatches on armoured vehicles and for artillery positioning systems.

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Pipe systems and outfitting of crossing vehicles

Design, prototyping and series production, hydraulic assembly in our workshops...

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EDAR, aluminium landing craft

Design and construction of platform lifting points.

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Reconditioned hydraulic pumps for armoured vehicles.

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Defence and Naval catalogue of products and solutions

Novium provides you with a complete catalogue of its Defence and Naval solutions and products to enable you to discover the extent of its expertise, acquired through its multiple achievements.


Our culture

An agile company is built on the fluid bond that unites its employees. The culture of goodwill, of working together, commitment and responsibility, is in the company’s blood. It is through this culture that our company can exercise its entire range of innovative capabilities, offering our employees a conducive and stimulating environment to express their talents in full.