The flexibility of bespoke delivery, the might of industry

Novium has retained its human dimension, and understands how its staff provides the leverage to increase the company’s flexibility and joint agility. This approach gives it the means to offer bespoke solutions that meet our partners’ requirements without them having to search through a catalogue of standard products.

In all its business lines, Novium strives for excellence, and is aided by its teams’ fine-tuned knowledge of the various industrial fields in which it works. Novium is built around the manufacturing industry’s need for hi-tech performance, reliability and innovation. Our teams’ responsiveness turns this knowledge into solutions that fulfil our clients’ needs in accordance with the regulatory environment. We are continuing to develop a bespoke approach, and are building on our prior innovations to not only satisfy the requests we receive, but also at times to exceed them and deliver machines with improved effectiveness and availability.


Our clients’ expectations require us to be the best.

Pushing the limits

Expectations & Excellence

Our clients’ expectations require us to be the best. To constantly innovate, to adopt a tailor-made approach in order to provide the best solution to their problems, to use our finest expertise in designing their machines.
In order to achieve this, the company is always aiming for excellence. By recruiting the top talent, by combining technological skillsets in each of our fields – in particular in hydraulics, electrics, mechanics.

Human dimension

Agility & combined intelligence

Operating in sectors formed by large companies, Novium underlines its unique identity by developing an organisation built for agility.
Within our company, each department is immediately available to add its particular skillsets to a group project. Pooled resources, constant dialogue between the design and engineering office and agents in the field, between our clients and employees, are key to this flexibility. At Novium, each project is unique, but is informed by the accumulated experience of previous projects. This enables us to select the best and most reliable parts at the best price. It also allows us to constantly improve our processes and machines, and give the benefit of these innovations to our clients.

Safety andthe environment


Sharing & synergy

Sharing is a must among the teams at Novium, and is at the heart of our relations with our clients and partners, which is nurtured by continuous exchange. This all-round exchange leads to the most appropriate and most innovative response to the issues faced.

Novium plays an active role in think tanks for the industries it serves. Constant relations with stakeholders in the railway industry mean we are able to respond to our clients’ requests, with the support of our subcontractor partners. Our products are then devised through close consultation, and ideally designed for the environment and context in which they will be used. This unique three-way relationship is one of the keystones of our company.


Example: industrial obstacle detection

As an example, as part of the working group set up by the Mecateamcluster “Innovation” commission, EFA, IFM, Option Automatismes, Novium and ETF (Eurovia) jointly developed an industrial obstacle detection solution for mobile machines, to improve safety on worksites that use road-rail excavators. By combining the complementary skillsets of an operator with our specialists, we were able to develop a solution that was both innovative and suited to the challenge set out by the industry.

The Noviumwork method


Understandthe environment


1)Above all, it is very important for our teams to be in control of the environment in which they work. Where and how will our equipment be used? What will the operating conditions be like? Which regulatory environment governs these activities? What specific issues will arise in a given situation? ? Each answer to these questions helps us to deliver our work in a context we control and precisely tailor this work to requirements. To extend its understanding of the environments in which we work, Novium develops a business intelligence policy. When in the field, our employees gather information on these environments, which they send on to our “watchmen” who sort, prioritise and then distribute it according to its relevance to the company.

Adaptto methodologies


Beyond the context, professions have their customs, often the result of a time-honoured legacy. Furthermore, each of our clients has their specific ways, their own codes and naming systems, unique methodologies that our teams are careful to learn as best as possible. The flexibility of our organisation and our internal agility allow us to deliver our services at each of our partners’ sites as if they were provided in-house, almost as if we were one of the family.

Deliver highadded-valuesolutions


With the context in mind, and fully apprised of our clients’ methodologies and requirements, the teams at Novium can now mobilise their full multi-disciplinary expertise. Our design and engineering office takes care of the definition and design phase, our multi-disciplinary teams come in at the equipment implementation stage, in our workshop and in-situ. All our analysis and delivery processes are focused on a single aim: offer the best solution to our clients – the solution that brings the highest added value and is as reliable as it is innovative.


Agility, combined intelligence, human skills, and technological control are the strengths that enable us to put forward answers that are always unique, always appropriate, always innovative.

Bringing youuniqueanswers

Novium works every day to make transport and citizens safe. The company relies on its employees, and provides them with a working environment that is safe, stimulating and team-oriented, with an ambitious CSR policy. The company also applies an environmentally friendly approach to all its activities, and looks to reduce its impact as far as possible as a matter of course, mindful of the major concerns and challenges of the XXIst century with regard to mobility and public safety, and as regards the commitment to limit global warming. We aim to meet these major issues together, as a company, and with our clients.

Meeting themajor challengesof tomorrow

The company draws upon its specific characteristics, its agility, responsiveness, individual and collective skills, and innovative force, to bring its customers answers that are always tailored to requirements, groundbreaking, and even “disruptive”. At Novium, our clients know they will find a partner that can listen as well as it can advise and deliver ideas. Our responsiveness and inventive capacity are the hallmarks of an organisation that is flexible and adaptable, and of a workforce and their skills that are ever ready to provide a unique response to our partners’ requirements.


Our talents

Every employee at their level are commited to enhance mobility and safety. The men and women are the heart and soul of Novium. Discover how we nurture those talents!