A sector of the future

The travel systems of tomorrow are already being planned today, and Novium is helping its clients meet the challenges ahead, especially with regard to climate issues, and expertise in new mobility power sources, notably electricity and hydrogen.

Whether it’s power transmission sub-assemblies or full builds of special machines, closely matched to the specific requirements of individual sites, Novium is ready and willing with tailored, innovative and supremely reliable solutions.


Outstanding benefits

Novium is well versed in the specific issues involved in major works projects (machine reliability and availability), and is committed to providing and maintaining safe and lasting solutions that have been developed or co-developed in the client’s best interests. Through our design and engineering office, Novium aims to understand and master the issues specific to each field, and to provide a tailored response that is suited to, and ergonomic and safe for users.


Tailored response

Our teams can join with our clients’ teams to table customised and innovative answers for major civil engineering projects. Our employees are careful to understand the culture within the client company, and its processes and requirements in order to provide the most appropriate response and solution to the issues at hand.


Transparent process

Novium works in close symbiosis with its clients to provide the most suitable answers to their issues. Our teams aim to build our clients’ confidence by being totally transparent about the benefits and constraints of the technical choices that are applied.


Customised development

Novium develops all its sub-assemblies and special-build machines without using products from catalogues, which, evidently, are less suited to our clients’ needs.


Maximum safety

Personal and task safety is an essential requirement for the teams at Novium. We use in-depth risk analyses to provide flawlessly safe responses to our clients’ needs.



Personal and task safety is an essential requirement for the teams at Novium. We use in-depth risk analyses to provide flawlessly safe responses to our clients’ needs.

Our organisation is able to adapt to constraints on worksites or specific productivity requirements with methods and machines that are new to the market.

  • Appraisal, design, simulation and development of tailored products: hydraulic power units (HPU, APU), function blocks, actuators, cylinders, drive units
  • Novium sub-assembly qualification on our cycling and endurance test benches
  • Design, supply and assembly of custom-build piping and hose pipes, prototyping and series manufacture
  • Design and development of instrumentation and controls
  • Automated system, computer, programming
  • Component diagnostics
  • Hydraulic and mechanical services, in situ or in the workshop
  • Fluid treatment and decontamination
  • Filtration unit drainage, filling
  • Hydraulic pump test bench, performance monitoring
  • Obsolescence processing

Our organisation is set up to handle prototype and small-batch builds flexibly and efficiently

Our portfolio

Discover a selection of our builds and learn about the extensive skillsets and expertise we bring to special builds, and our innovative solutions for devising a range of rugged, feature-packed sub-assemblies.

Lifting and handling sector

Design and alteration of a wheeled travelling gantry crane for handling concrete blocks.

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Foundation works and public works sector

Assembly, pipe systems and start-up of a plant designed by our client for use in the foundation engineering environment.

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Major engineering projects

Design, supply and adaptation of hydraulic equipment for toolsets on machines carrying out underground work.

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Maritime sector

Retrofit: renovation and modernisation of a trawler winch.

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Service: container fitted with hydraulic plant

Provision of a "workshop container" for making tailor-made hoses in the field, as and when required: hoses, various couplings, crimping machine, etc.

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Special Constructions solutions and products catalogue

Novium provides you with a complete catalogue of its Special builds solutions and products to enable you to discover the extent of its expertise, acquired through its multiple achievements.


Our culture

An agile company is built on the fluid bond that unites its employees. The culture of goodwill, of working together, commitment and responsibility, is in the company’s blood. It is through this culture that our company can exercise its entire range of innovative capabilities, offering our employees a conducive and stimulating environment to express their talents in full.