Fast-changing sector

With increasingly complex and safety-oriented works machinery and the regulatory requirements governing maintenance, this department of Novium has a multi-disciplinary team to provide an effective response to our clients’ daily needs, optimise machine availability, and assist with equipment operation.


Ensure the full range of technical services

This department is able to work on any heavy-duty or road-rail machine in France or abroad, to ensure a full range technical services (hydraulic, electric, pneumatic, thermal, etc). These “Services” are for work tools to aim for operational excellence, tailored services requested by a client, research and proposals for spare parts or arranging passages in agreement with the French railways.

Proposition for a tailored maintenance contract adapted to the needs of different clients: railway companies, operators or ECM.

ECM certified

As a certified ECM (Entity in Charge of Maintenance) in accordance with EU regulation 2019/779, Novium is able to offer keepers of works machines controlled and tailored maintenance services for the Railway Environment Safety part to comply with the new European requirements of the 4th railway package.


One aim:client satisfaction

Client satisfaction is the guiding concern of the ECM & Services department.

We put the client at the heart of our strategy, with our sole guiding principle being to provide a professional, high-quality service and optimum experience for each task.


Optimum machine availability


Maintenance engineering/Railway works expertise


Understanding and compliance with regulations


Maintain operational service


Focus on client issues


Demand for controlled experience


Meeting the different needs of our clients

The ECM & Services department, with its experience and engineering in maintenance works, is able to set out a maintenance policy aimed at delivering operational excellence from its works machines, whether provided under a maintenance contract or not.

NOVIUM offers controlled solutions and is committed to guaranteeing optimum availability, reliability, and mean-time-to-restore to its clients.


Through consultation and dialogue processes with its clients, Novium is able to apply its multiple areas of expertise and the skills of its partners to support machinery during operations via shared and scalable CAMM.


Be attentive to client requirements


Propose over-arching solutions in multiple areas of activity


Seek competent and innovative partners


Adapt to difficulties with availability of machinery from machine keepers


Maintain a shared and scalable CAMM with our clients, with the aim of going paperless


Support machines built in-house or externally throughout their use to take advantage of feedback that optimises their reliability and design and in order to leverage them for our growth.



Novium is recognised for its expertise in machine construction, and its service support and other services for mobile machinery in the railway works industry are in a class of their own. Our teams of field technicians provide maintenance and repair services anywhere in any situation.

  • Pump and engine output
  • Fluids analysis
  • Particulate and aqueous filtration
  • Setting up of a diagnostics box for process enhancement
  • Putting into service or general periodic inspection
  • Accumulator checks
  • Setting up of a remote maintenance system
  • In accordance with the constructor maintenance chart
  • Weighing, RDE, Brake testing, Equipotential measurement, EQS check, etc…
  • Hydraulic cylinder overhaul
  • Drafting of maintenance task lists
  • Progress schedules
  • Development of management dashboards
  • Development of paperless solutions

Why opt for Novium ECMfor your machines?

  • Vigorous dedication to service quality
  • Close client relations
  • Shared decision-making and organisation on maintenance matters with our clients to move them forward
  • Attractive cost proposals linked to company size
  • Commitment to successful ECM certification

NOVIUM field technicians are focused on equipment maintenance and repair.

NOVIUM is undergoing full expansion and aims to be reputed for its construction technique and its skillsets in railway works using mobile machinery through its various service and support assignments.

Our portfolio

Discover a selection of achievements allowing you to understand the extent of our skills and know-how in the rail sector, with innovative solutions for designing small equipment and heavy machinery.

ECM1 Maintenance contract for Packer

Preventive and corrective maintenance on rail operations safety equipment.

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Preventive and corrective maintenance contract for the catenary renewal train work tool and infrastructure – SNCF Réseau

Provision of the following maintenance services, combustion engine, cydraulic power plant, elevating platform, etc...

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Maintenance/After-sales service for Packer 108-32 275 – ETF

Preventive and corrective maintenance on the electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic sections, regulatory maintenance on the work tool part and rail operations safety.

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Aerial platform basket accreditation RR

Completion of all steps to achieve SNCF accreditation validation (weighing, equipotentiality, RDE, platform commissioning, safety tests).

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Maintenance contract for the CN4 hydraulic part – SNCF Réseau

Maintenance of the hydraulic plant, drive units, power pumps, cooling system.

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ECM Services and solutions catalogue

Novium provides you with a complete catalogue of its ECM Services solutions and products to enable you to discover the extent of its expertise, acquired through its multiple achievements.


Our culture

Novium’s culture is characterized by a spirit of innovation, the mastery of its various fields of activity and businesses, and a desire for reaching excellency and an harmonious working relationship.