Men, the heart and soul of Novium

Our employees make up the heart and soul of Novium. They are its key driving force, and its face to the world.

They represent our excellence to our clients, who benefit from our constantly improving expertise, itself the result of an ambitious in-house training policy. Our excellently trained employees enjoy great autonomy that encourages them to take responsibility and contributes towards their career development. Novium is attentive to its client base and its personnel, taking care to provide a harmonious and cooperative working environment that helps bring about innovative solutions that match our partners’ needs. We offer an extensive range of areas of expertise, and are constantly seeking new talent.

Our employees

Meet the team

Novium is 70 women and men working together every day to offer the best of themselves to our clients.

Our installation mechanics work on one-off and small production-run machines in our workshops. They do far more than just perform tasks; they provide an expertise that is recognised in their field, and their feedback is vital to the development of our machines.

Serge D. : “I’ve been working at Novium for ten years. Working in this unique company, you’re guaranteed to be involved in projects unlike any other, which use all of our design and innovation resources. In my team, helping each other and talking is important, with each one of us making sure we’re as versatile as we can be.”

As well as being tasked with wiring and connecting up the electrical systems on mobile machines, our electricians are also involved in programming some of our machines’ embedded electronics modules. They work as part of a close-knit team.

Valentin L. : “My job often takes me out to our clients to perform maintenance on their mobile machines, and it’s important to know them like the back of your hand. As part of the electrical team, I’m expanding my skills and gaining new ones, especially in automated systems.”

The assignments performed by our mechanics form part of a team work. Each member plays a vital part in the manufacture of our products, and work in such fields as mechanics, hydraulics, electrics, and automated systems. This profession requires special attention to quality, safety and deadlines – our clients’ primary values.

David D.M. : “I love this job; there’s nothing routine about it. On the contrary, you have to be versatile and able to work alone. Working in a close-knit team where everyone can count on each other, in a pleasant working environment and in spotlessly clean workshops, lets you make the best use of your skills for the clients’ benefit.”

Our maintenance technicians are frequently in touch with our clients, combining solid expertise with an unbeatable ability on our range of machines. Their job is to always find the soundest solution to the issues faced by our partners. They are much sought after, and are especially highly appreciated at Novium.

Loïc T. : “My job is to be versatile and in contact with clients. The vital parts of my job involve assembly, making repairs, running diagnostics and troubleshooting. What could be more satisfying than helping to develop machines, then putting them into service and maintaining them at our clients’ premises? You always learn a lot more from experience in the field.”

France does not train many hydraulic engineers, although there is a great need for them. Novium, as part of Mecateamcluster, has helped to develop some fascinating training programmes and honours that are waiting to be discovered in this field. Hydraulics forms the heart of our machines in the railway and defence industries. Every day, our team of hydraulic engineers works primarily to fulfil our clients’ expectations. They specialise in fluid mechanics and manufacture and install rigid pipes and hose pipes. They are out-and-out experts in their field, and are dedicated to passing on their knowledge to the younger generation.

Michaël E. : “The job of a hydraulic engineer requires precision and organisation, which also means a good knowledge of the applicable regulations. I juggle several tasks, in mechanics, electronics, computing, and automation.”

Novium has a design and engineering office that combines mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, electrics, instrumentation and controls, and automation. Our team specialises in different fields, with each one contributing each day, especially to the brainstorming sessions, risk analyses and functional designs.

Our project managers are primarily in charge of satisfying our clients’ requirements and meeting their expectations. They see to it that our commitments are meticulously met. Their task is to monitor project schedules, check cost previsions, and relate and communicate with our clients. Our project managers are the keystone of all the business lines at Novium, and are at the heart of its operations.

Arnaud G. : “After eight years managing projects in other companies, I started at NOVIUM in 2013. Back then, the company had 28 employees. I immediately noticed that this company has enormous potential and could grow quickly. Now, there are more than 60 employees at the company. The key words that make up Novium for me are creativity, technical skills and responsiveness. Managing projects in this company, for me, is a fantastic experience.”

Our back office operations ensure that our business runs smoothly and make sure that our customer-facing co-workers and those who manufacture our products have what they need to succeed in their respective tasks. At Novium, back office operations cover a number of fields, such as financing, human resources, and the supply chain.


Novium and its employees are committed to an innovative management style in line with the social challenges and aspirations of the XXIst century.

Enhancing and investing in skills

Novium is engaged in an employee training policy that develops their skills on a regular basis, in step with a constantly evolving market and the high demands of our clients. Novium is preparing for the future by investing in the transfer of knowledge via a dual education system for the young generation. Each new recruit, especially apprentices, is tutored and shown the wealth of activities at the company. Novium recruits very regularly and takes great care to reply to applications as positively as possible.

Empowerment and self-reliance

At Novium, the notion of being a team is not an empty concept. Each one of our employees is encouraged to put forward his or her ideas, suggest areas of improvement, take responsibility and work alone in their daily tasks. This feedback from the shopfloor and experience in the field are crucial for helping management fine-tune our processes and constantly improve our machines. A sense of individual achievement is the real strength of our team.

Transparency and goodwill

As it seeks to improve and optimise, the management at Novium encourages permanent dialogue between generations. The experience and pragmatism passed on by the older workers complements the spontaneity of the younger generation, whose careers are boosted by the experience shared with them. At Novium, nurturing employee loyalty over the long term remains a priority that develops team cohesion. How better to create a safe and stimulating environment than a friendly, pleasant workplace with a human feel, where each person’s skills and abilities are justly appreciated?

Workplace equality index

Au titre de l’année 2022, le résultat de l’index de l’égalité femmes-hommes pour Novium est :

  • Écarts de rémunération : non calculable
  • Écarts d’augmentation : 25/35
  • Augmentation après retour de congé maternité : non calculable
  • 10 plus hautes rémunérations : 0/10

L’index global est incalculable.


Join us

If you’re looking for a company where you the person count as much as your skills, in a challenging role as part of a close-knit team, with opportunities to advance and long-term prospects, then we might be made for each other! We are always happy to receive applications, including for occupations that may not quite form part of our core activities.

At Novium, we will always study your application, and are willing to offer extensive training for motivated applicants. Get your foot in the door by sending us your application to: rh@factovem.fr

Placement opportunities

Our culture

An agile company is built on the fluid bond that unites its employees. The culture of goodwill, of working together, commitment and responsibility, is in the company’s blood. It is through this culture that our company can exercise its entire range of innovative capabilities, offering our employees a conducive and stimulating environment to express their talents in full.