Pioneering spirits

Innovation is at the heart of the Novium way

Innovation is NOVIUM’S DNA. Since the company was established, it has set the pace of our day-to-day lives and it motivates us in our future projects by adding a touch of the new. Each request from a client becomes a fascinating challenge that we accept with efficiency by delving into our ability to innovate.


Integrated design and engineering office

NOVIUM’S design and engineering office brings together the fields of mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, electrics, command-control, and automated systems.

Our personnel work in different specialist lines of business. Each person makes a contribution, individually and collectively, to the brainstorming sessions, risk analyses and functional designs.

Innovations & Technologies

"Innovate to move ahead and add an extra touch of passion to projects that are brought to fruition"


A team works on formalising preliminary drafts to determine the optimum means of meeting our clients’ demands. We draw from our proposals to put together a joint review, based on our clients’ essential criteria, that lays solid foundations for project development.

Mechanical design

A team performs the mechanical designs that range from the project architecture all the way to the drafting of production parts. Spatial planning, the composition of the various machines, how the functions are broken down, the assembly and parts drawings are all studied.
We also performed finite element analyses.

Electrical design

Our specialists produce machine wiring schematics, tailoring technologies to each machine type and environment. The equipment can be wired and fitted with electrical cabinets, or using wiring looms.

Fluid design

Our specialists carry out performance calculations and draft the hydraulic schematics (oil, water, others), pneumatic schematics, as well as for diesel systems, heat-transfer fluids, etc. This team focuses on optimising component selection, and on selecting the most appropriate components based on their technical specifications and availability.


All the technical documents required to operate and maintain the machines are drafted by specialist teams. We draw up straightforward media (logic charts, schematics and tables, etc) so that our clients can easily see how sometimes complex machines work.

Command-control and Automation

Our team carries out in-depth analyses to optimise the man-machine interface and make them highly intuitive, using a range of technologies such as tailor-made radio controls, touch screens, cameras, and more. Automation adds optimised features, and increases machine performance and safety.


Collective intelligence& cross-disciplinary innovation

An innovation is only useful if it is shared and adds a benefit not currently available. Our culture is one of sharing and exchange, combining our clients’ needs and their knowledge on the ground with our technical capabilities and imaginative capacity. Together, we are capable of creating a collective intelligence that is crucial to our clients’ projects.


Our innovative capacity praisedby leading industry names

innovations and technologies

Helping to overcome the major challenges of tomorrow, especially in improving personal mobility and citizen safety.


Multiple patents filed

Having ideas is good, putting them to good use is better!

We have a duty to protect ideas that take our customers further and allow them to do more than before, which is why we regularly file patents.


Our talents

Every employee at their level are commited to enhance mobility and safety. The men and women are the heart and soul of Novium. Discover how we nurture those talents!