A fast-changing sector

Recent changes to the railway regulatory framework confirm new rules and responsibility for new works machines placed on the market.

These changes significantly increase the technical and regulatory requirements, resulting in a substantial rise in certain costs.

Novium now designs machines in line with these changes, designed for the current and future environment, agile but also suitable for different rail and road networks and for controlling operating costs.


Solutions that match the high stakes

Novium is here to work with you in devising innovative solutions for railway network construction and maintenance, using reliable machines with maximum availability that increase your productivity, in complete safety.


Reliability, Availability and Maintainability

We aim to ensure that our machines and equipment are available to our clients at all times. Novium does this by designing machines that are tried and tested for maximum reliability, but also engineered for ease of maintenance and servicing.


Urban integration

Our expertise in the national rail network means we are able to offer solutions to infrastructure management companies in France and worldwide for urban work machines on tramways and other lines.



Network safety and rail operator safety informs our actions and our innovations. It is integrated right at the machine design stage, and in each of our processes. Novium draws upon a culture of total operational safety that is recognised by certification bodies and, of course, by our clients.



Innovation has always been at the heart of what Novium does, underpinned by the flexibility that the company’s human-sized structure permits, and by the expertise of its teams. We are not content with what we have; we always encourage proposals and innovations to best fulfil our clients’ specifications. Thanks to its command of the railway environment, its constraints and culture, Novium is able to deliver a cross-disciplinary solution to our partners’ demands.


The design, construction and fine-tuning of equipment, from integrating a system or subassembly into a machine to approved, self-propelled, heavy machinery.


Adapting to requirements, fulfilling individual specifications

Our teams are able to integrate with our clients’ teams to put forward innovative tailored solutions for major network projects in France and worldwide.

Our employees are careful to integrate the client company’s culture, understand its processes and demands in order to provide the most appropriate answer and solution to the issues at hand.



Our knowledge of rail and overhead lines infrastructure, together with our activity as a maintainer and ECM, make us a permanent driving force for new solutions that offer an effective response to different requirements.

Novium can help its construction clients in assembling certain specific machines by bringing its production capacities and capabilities to bear. Novium acts as a solutions provider and a driving force enabling adaptation or even co-development.

The flexibility and versatility of the teams at Novium gives it the ability to design prototypes and small production runs, calling on its full range of expertise to ensure effective development that is perfectly adapted to requirements.

Novium can develop targeted, tailored, non-standard tools in collaboration with our partners, for small production runs that can be adapted for road-rail machines and specialised vehicles and help improve worksite performance.

Our construction expertise puts us in a position to renovate and modernise machines, in part or in full, in accordance with applicable regulations and reference standards. Our electrical and mechanical, hydraulic and operational refurbishment processes deliver machines that are new and modernised.

Our flexibility, responsiveness and capacity to share, supported by our network of partners, mean we can offer a very quick response time for far-reaching projects.

Our flexibility, responsiveness and capacity to share, supported by our network of partners, mean we can offer a very quick response time for far-reaching projects.

Our portfolio

Discover a selection of our builds to learn about our extensive skillsets and expertise in the rail sector, and our innovative solutions for devising small equipment and heavy plant.

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Catalogue des solutions et produits Ferroviaire

Novium provides you with a complete catalog of its Rail solutions and products to enable you to discover the extent of its expertise, acquired through its multiple achievements.


Our culture

A culture of innovation, mastery of its various fields of activity and business, a desire for excellence and harmonious collaboration characterize the culture of Novium.